In 2015 there were a recorded 856,700 people living with dementia in the UK. We pride ourselves on being dementia specialists. Every branch at Care Outlook has a Dementia Champion who is there to offer help and support to customers and relatives.

Dementia is common among older adults, and the condition usually occurs in people over the age of 65 although there are currently 40,000 younger people suffering with the condition. To help families adjust to having a relative with dementia, Care Outlook offers respite and live-in service from one of our many qualified carers.

With our person-centred approach, we can help your loved one enjoy a stable life and routine, giving them the dignity they deserve with our tidy and considerate style. Instead of being placed in a care home potentially far away and in new surroundings, we encourage individuals to enjoy the familiar comforts of their own home and take an active role in their local community.

How We Help People Live with Dementia

Whether they suffer from Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, we offer the same quality of care in the comfort of their home. Our team makes every effort to learn about your loved one’s home and routine and reinforce that familiar environment.

Upon request, we can make adjustments or set up activities to mitigate the worst effects of memory loss, including:

  • Regularly scheduled meal times

  • Supervising their medication routine

  • Redecorating with soothing colours and familiar photographs

  • Putting up signs and other reminders throughout the home

  • Sitting with customers and reminiscing over mementos and other keepsakes

  • Arranging at-home or extended social visits with family and friends

Personal Support for Dementia Care

Care Outlook has numerous specialists who are certified to give your loved one the personal attention they deserve. Each carer acts as a regular companion to a person who’s living with Dementia, offering emotional stability and mental stimulation through regular activities together. Whether they’re at home or outdoors, your loved one is guaranteed to feel secure in the presence of our professionally trained staff members.

Help your loved one rediscover their independence

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